video installation, 2009

A dancing figure and an empty bucket, which to itself fills with water. The figure pours the bucket with the amassed water over itself and in this process the body vanishes – to wash up himself stubbornly with the reinstating loop to the beginning of the activity. On almost black silhouettes reduces with strong contrast values and high grain manipulation the situation almost resolve in the obscure. In the treatment of the video material all details of the person and objects are almost completely extinguished. With wild, mysterious, ritual and ambivalent movements the structures shape a clearly outlined body. The short raw material is cutted and deconstructed in single sequences – rhythmic, new compound, and extremely slowed down, so that a new composed and independent choreography was created. The soundtrack pushes the situation into a alike archaic activity. The film seems like a resuscitation of old silver gelatine photos and needs total darkness.

video | 02:18 min (loop) | colour | sound

baal-2 baal-3 baal-0679 baal-0687 baal-0695 baal-0696 baal-0699 baal-0705