Coconut Prison

video installation, 2012

On the occasion of a trip to the island Phu Quoc in Vietnam, a research survey about the „concept of island“ and the subjectively perceived ecological-social state of the island was done by the artist. Local people and tourists were questioned about geographical proportions and relations, as well as their personal authoritative points on the island. On the last page of the questionnaires they drew their visual geographical image of the island. They were asked to use only their self-experienced physical measurement and subjective imagination in this manner originated by a called „Individual Mapping“. 30 drawings were analyzed after, then crossed with each other and are shown as an animation based on a digital morphing process. The video is projected on a field of rice. Its form is shaped through the addition of all 30 different shaped drawings. So the shape of the rice field can be interpreted like a fictive island in which the projected animated drawings floating like fluids of an amorphed organism from border to border of the rice field. The soundtrack is a composition of deconstructed noises from the island.

1-channel video | 70 kg rice | 07:19 min (loop) | full HD 16:9 | colour | stereo sound